How to Master Life’s Confidence

by in Up with Gravity & Directions September 20, 2018

It is only the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye. Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The Little Prince

– Confidence is when passion (life) and intention meet achievement!

– Lack of confidence is when your life is overlaid with fear/panic.

Speak up!

I have been told this so often; my voice it too soft, I don’t project myself enough!

Can you turn your voice up like a radio?

What’s the missing link…confidence!

– This is the ‘how to’ when you have tried everything to improve, but NO thing changes.

I actually developed this habit over years. You see, underneath I didn’t want anyone to hear me in case I made a mistake, forgot what I was saying; looked stupid. Not that I was consciously aware of this.

When we are born we are already confident.

Often in seems confidence and anxiety are elusive to some.

My confidence journey came indirectly when I trained to become an Alexander Technique teacher. Over the three years training, my painful back gradually lengthened and strengthened, and repaired itself. Depression slowly lifted. Best of all I gained inner skills that make every action easier. And my inner confidence grew and grew.

Singing in a choir has been my vocal expression over years. I also love public speaking (who would have guessed!).

I love singing. The louder the better! I love speaking!

My delight now is in knowing the intricate functioning of my voice/body; I am always the master of the results.

The ‘how’ is how I prepare. To speak or to stand or do anything.

I notice stress has tensed my neck up!

Gently I let it free to ease the co-ordination.

My spine ’grows’ as the ease filters into the corners of me.

My breathing releases in spite of no conscious effort from me.

I speak! Easily! Effortlessly! Joyfully! My confidence grows each time.

F M Alexander was a self taught man….. He seems to have arrived at a truth.

Everything we need in order to speak and stand well is already there within us.

All we have to do is stop interfering with the process.

To grow Confidence! It’s time to go deeper, find the source of all beginnings.

  1. Time to pause the journey!
  2. Change direction.
  3. Look at what causes melt downs.
  4. Explore other ways to do this.
  5. And finally try out,
  6. Discover what works better.
  7. And voila! You have a skill for life.

Put natural back into being and being back into living.

Have you had a moment of fearful lack of confidence while you were doing what you love doing?

Want to share this moment with me? I won’t share it, but you will get a reply from me.

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Happy days