5 Important Facts About Sitting

by in Chairs, School Furniture & Sitting April 16, 2019

Most people sit too long and too often!  How can we soften the blow to our bodies?
All the time at a desk, in the car, watching TV, and generally every time we need to take the weight off our feet.  Here we discuss the 5 important facts that all sitters need to know, to get better long term results.

Fact #1 – Sitting is a whole YOU affair.
Even when you are just sitting in a chair the whole you, the mental, emotional, physical, vocal and mechanical-ness of you sits.

Fact #2 – The origin of sitting on a chair was a symbol of power?
Images on Egyptian hieroglyphic tablets display pharaohs displaying their ‘Highness’.  Hence the name ‘chairman’ was born to indicate upper rank.   Lesser individuals either sat or grovelled on the floor. Now we all sit.

Fact #3 – What is the best chair to sit on?

  • Is there a best one?
  • Should all seats be ergonomically designed?

The fact is; no ergonomic chair will change your sitting habits.
My client came to me with excruciating back pain.  She had bought herself the most expensive semi-reclining, very heavily padded chair she could find so that she could sit comfortably…a virtual bed.  She felt it was the only way to be comfortable.  Happily after sessions with Alexander Technique she no longer needed it.

Fact #4 – You have natural postural muscles specifically designed to support your sitting.
There is much misconception about how to sit better, how to ‘hold yourself better’, how to activate the core muscles and so on.  Here are some examples for What posture is not!

Fact #5 – prime importance of any sedentary activity is – how you sit…when you sit!
Long before the advent of a chair, humans squatted.  Back problems were limited to accidental injury, because the mechanical use (of the skeleton) adhered to the natural design.

To sum up then…how to sit best comes down to your awareness of muscle tension and allowing yourself to release it. It is very surprised to my clients when sensing the tension leave the body as the torso lengthens and arms and legs let go into sitting effortlessly.

This is a learning process, not an exercise of will as in exercising.

When you commit to it, the results in terms of stress release are worth it.  What the initial stages of learning highlight your need to be more aware through daily activities.

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