Myths About Best Core Exercises

by in Activities, Exercise, Speakers & Swimming April 16, 2019

It is sad when we read headlines like “Vonn retires with “body broken beyond repair”:   The devastation and drawbacks of the love of your sport.

How do these drawbacks happen?

Actually, the question for each person really is “what am I doing to myself to cause this?”

Sure, possibilities like – Perhaps not enough training.  Or, it’s too hard for the body.

Or maybe there are myths about best core exercises; that can be misleading which lead to misuse.  What is the core?  Can your knowledge lead you to abuse your body?  Read on…..

Myth 1. The core is the torso – it starts at the top of the spine and ends at the tailbone.
Discussions about the position of the torso over years has not given a definite answer.

Myth 2. Core stability is about exercises like ‘plank’ or leg lifts to name just two.
Is it possible that this can actually create ‘core’ stiffness rather than core strength? 

Myth 3. Exercises on your back e.g. leg raises, tummy crunches etc. strengthens the core.
Or do they actually strengthen the legs and the tummy?

Myth 4. Assumes that by holding poses for a long time it increases stability.
Does it really build the core?  How do you know?

Myth 5. Your legs are not part of your core!
This assumes you think that your torso core is a separate entity to the rest of you. 

And most important of all…..

Myth 6. You can create core strength without standing on your feet?!

The truth of our torso is that there are deep muscles that play a major part in keeping our whole core stable.  This really includes all of the components that move and stabilize the spine.  This starts at head level, and believe it or not, finishes at the feet.

Here’s a start to getting your core strength working –

Firstly stand up, relax, be present.

Continue with  10 tips for walking (refer to last week’s blog for the list).  This walk is designed to introduce you to “whole core” movement.

Try it out every time you walk (or translate it to when you sit).  Gradually you’ll get the idea and feel the benefits of ease and flow in your core strength through the best core exercises.

If you want more practice join the class.   You will be introduced to more best core exercises.

Core movement classes will be starting as follows:
4 x Wednesdays: 20th Feb to 13th March 6.30 to 8pm $160.

Go here to register.