10 Tips for the Benefits of Walking

by in Activities, Exercise, Speakers & Swimming April 16, 2019

Why should you walk?  Do you wonder what are the benefits of walking? Can walking exercise give you health?

In today’s world, everything is a rush. Do you say to yourself 

  1. “I’ll do it later” or
  2. “When I am retired I’ll walk then”
  3. …and later never happens?

Well, listen up now.  You could be missing out a lot.

What are the benefits of walking for you.  

Your heart, lungs, digestion, brain, bones and muscles, all get a boost.
Your endocrine system (the lymph system that sorts your waste) gets a massage.  
Indirectly, your mental and emotional states settle as  you walk off the day’s tensions!

“I don’t have time” I hear you say.

Ah, but here’s the rub.  You need to turn that thought around….
Because, when you carry Tight Shoulders or Neck Pain all day, it causes sluggishness. 

Your most important need is to look after ‘self’, your posture.  Not just in walking exercise, but in everything you do.  The gain is great.

“How you walk” increases the benefits way more than just “walking”.

10 tips for awakening your body, as you walk or do anything. 

1. Firstly choose the path, the route you are taking. Choose with care yet with abandon, not out of habit.

2. Now allow your head to be free and mobile – consciously!

3. Notice everything around you, looking ahead on a freely mobile neck. Your eyes see without making any special effort.

4. Command your torso to be alive, to let anything move that wants to move…effortlessly.

5. The hips, the seat of your walk, think of how easy they let your knees fall forward.  Make your focus a positive chant.“My hips move easily with each step”

6. Know your knees!  Give them freedom to lead the way.  Let your feet hang from the knees.

7. Be conscious of your ankles; how they lubricate themselves to keep you balanced.

8. Let your arms swing … in sync with your footsteps.  Say to yourself ‘my arms swing freely from the top of the upper arm right to my finger tips’.  Whether you are moving or standing the arms are the extension of yourself…let them move if the want to.

9. Allow your breath to breathe with full attention but not with full effort.

10. AND… for no reason!  Smile’ without actually smiling…. try it, its magic.

Add any other commands that you like too.

Print this out and plan your ‘going somewhere’ times.  Give your whole system the benefits of walking (the easy way).


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