10 Tips everyone should know about their body

by in Activities, Exercise, Speakers & Swimming May 19, 2019

Maintain maximum energy, flexibility, fun and enjoyment in life, here is some great tips to maintain freedom, a young perspective, a happy body and agile mind.

  1. Keep your body and your eyes moving at all times. The key is not tightening your body. A free neck means a free arm means free movement!  Alexander Technique in action!
  2. Maintain dynamic action: your effortless body movement, and breathing shows in your activities. Move with your rhythm.
  3. Connect your arms through your back all the way down to your feet. Let the feet ‘dance’ as you move. Keep you on your toes!
  4. Respond to your movement. Let it take you forward – now it moves, now it quietens. Let yourself flow in your inside, flow with the rhythm.
  5. Trust your sixth sense. Let the body move itself!
  6. Let the movement do the work, don’t try hide behind it. Each step is an act and therefore energy rich.
  7. Don’t worry about going wrong! That will slow you down. There is no wrong in your life. How can it be wrong?
    YOU DID IT! It is a representation of your life force!


  8. Don’t ‘worry’ the body. Movement doesn’t like to be worried, it goes muddy. Progress likes to come easily…. It likes to be trusted, not worried over!
  9. Apply yourself with confidence. Listen to your inner guide. It is there, I promise!
  10. And most of all enjoy yourself. Let yourself get taken over by the activity of moment. Your present nano-second’s enjoyment WILL be revealed at the end whether you like it or not!

Discover the joy of living – moment by nano-moment!

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